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Some things are too important to compromise. Don’t let financial concerns get in the way of your dream wedding.

Your wedding day is one of the most important and exciting days of your life. But holding a wedding in Australia is expensive. The perfect dress, the reception venue, catering, cards and more: they all add up.

In 2012, the average wedding cost $36,200, with the majority of that cost attributed to the venue hire and decorations[i]. Although you may already have some money tucked away for just such an occasion, a wedding loan can help you manage the cost of your special day and let you focus on creating the wedding of your dreams. Using a loan for your wedding makes it easy to access the money you need when you need it, with a manageable repayment plan that complements your financial situation.

At EasyPlan, our team of professional mortgage brokers will help you find the appropriate loan to help make your special day the one you have always dreamed of. We have worked with leading national banks and lending institutions for over 30 years, helping our clients find the right type of personal loan to suit their needs.

With an EasyPlan financial expert, you can be confident that we will work hard to find finance for your wedding that offers you the best value for money. Although the options may seem endless when it comes to personal loans, our team thoroughly assesses every aspect of the loan options of our lending partners to find the one right for you.

Whether it’s making important decisions such as choosing a fixed or variable rate or a secured or unsecured loan, we will help you every step of the way. Establishment and ongoing fees and payment terms are just some of the other features our team will help you to consider.

Choosing the right loan option on your own while you are trying to plan your wedding can be daunting and add unnecessary stress during an already busy time. Work with our professional mortgage brokers to select the right financial solution for you.

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[i] MoneySmart 2014, How much can a wedding cost?, Australian Securities & Investments Commission, viewed 25 November 2014