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Travelling the world is one of the best things in life. However, many people believe the word ‘travel’ is synonymous with the word ‘expensive’, which definitely isn’t true! If you’re thinking of adding a few destinations to your ‘around the world’ ticket, there are plenty of places to visit that won’t break the bank once you reach your destination and you can probably stick around a little longer! To prove it we’ve made a list of our top 4 countries to visit on a budget:


Just a 9-hour plane ride away, Cambodia is one of South East Asia’s most beautiful countries. With estimated expenses at under $20 a day per person, Cambodia is an excellent choice for budget-conscious travellers. There’s plenty to do in this culturally rich paradise, such as visiting temples, sampling the delicious local cuisine, or hopping between the stunning islands in the south. You can expect to find comfortable accommodation at very reasonable prices, and food & drink are also incredibly cheap compared to Western prices.


Located in Eastern Europe, Ukraine is another extremely affordable holiday destination for budget travellers. From vast mountains to urban centres to beachside resorts, Ukraine has something for everybody! You can expect to spend less than $20 a day in this unique European country, with opportunities to pinch your pennies even further by visiting the countryside (where prices are even lower than in the cities), or by opting for local restaurants rather than international ones when it comes to sampling the food.


Vietnam is yet another gem of South East Asia that is not only cheap to visit, but full of culture, history and beauty – all for less than $20 a day. The local food is affordable and delicious, and you can find a bed in a hostel or hotel for less than it would cost to go out for a meal in Australia. One of the most popular places to visit is Halong Bay, where you can find an incredible landscape with gorgeous islands that overhang the large bay.


Despite being one of the lesser travelled countries in Central America, Nicaragua is truly a hidden gem. Perfect for budget travellers, the daily expenses to visit are less than $15 a day, meaning you can really stretch your dollar! There are plenty of things to see in this tropical wonderland, from beautiful surf beaches to hiking the jungle, there is definitely not a shortage of options – especially when you’re paying less for a meal than you would for your daily coffee!